Berlin Space Consortium

The Berlin Space Consortium is a local space technology network in the larger Berlin area that mainly consists of space specialists from different SMEs and research organisations. The local partners are complemented by global space technology specialists for critical subsystems and components such as innovative space propulsion systems.

The main objective of the Berlin Space Consortium is the successful acquisition, design and management of highly innovative and low-cost space projects. Based on their substantial academic and industry expertise, the members of the Berlin Space Consortium can provide customized small satellite system solutions to national and international customers. The Berlin Space Consortium has direct access to international launch service providers and offers overall turnkey mission solutions including entire launch campaigns and suitable ground station networks.

The Berlin Space Consortium (BSC) has been launched in 2016 and is member of the newly founded Space Association Berlin Brandenburg (SABB). Its management board provides acquisition support for R&D funding plus space qualification support including aircraft parabolic flights to the various Berlin Space SMEs as well as other scientific and commercial partners.