Berlin Space Products

The Berlin Space Consortium is currently building up a whole range of innovative and space qualified hardware products. The different space products supplied by the Berlin Space Consortium not only include entire small satellite system solutions, but also  major subsystems and components for nano- and microsatellites. Moreover, the range of products covers CubeSat dispensers and small satellite separation systems as well as ground station equipment.

Berlin Space SERVICES

The Berlin Space Consortium offers to its industrial, academic and government customers a broad range of services. These services comprise different types of environmental qualification procedures for space hardware, including zero-g flight testing and in-orbit demonstration, as well as attractive launch opportunities for small satellites. Moreover, the service portfolio includes a whole range of consulting services, such as mission planning and teaching courses.

Berlin Space SOLUTIONS

Based on their long-standing academic and industry experience, the members of the Berlin Space Consortium offer to their international customers ambitious small satellite missions for high-resolution Earth observation and other commercial or scientific applications. In addition, all available small satellite platforms, ranging from different CubeSat standards to micro-satellites in the 150-kg-class, can be used for very cost-efficient in-orbit demonstration missions.